"Tower of blight closing its doors"

"We consider this a humanitarian crisis," said Michelle Kennedy, the executive director of the IRC. "This is about people in our community who are in a difficult situation."News and Record

"Greensboro bond package woefully underfunds affordable housing"

Kennedy said she was relieved to see the housing bond proposal pass but frustrated at the amount. At one point, the bond item for housing was $34.5 million. That was cut to $25 million as the city whittled down the total bond package from nearly $179 million to $126 million.

“The housing bond is woefully underfunded,” Kennedy said. “We need three times that amount. I know we need to fix bumpy roads, but we should be looking at people who are at the bottom first.”News and Record

"'Affordable housing crisis' in Greensboro"

Michelle Kennedy, executive director for the Interactive Resource Center, said issues like those at Executive Center are an example of what she calls an "affordable housing crisis" in Greensboro. She said there is not enough financial incentive for developers and landlords to construct and maintain high quality affordable housing.

"The truth is, there's not a lot of economic drive to do that," she said. "They're not going to make a lot of money off of those properties. So it often becomes the thing that's least invested in. Until the rest of our community says, 'We can do better,' then I really don't believe it's going to change." – Fox 8


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